Friday, 4 April 2014

Friday Favourite - ET the Hip Hop Preacher

Hey Lovelies,

This week's Friday favourite stems from my motivation issues. I know that I totally need to study otherwise I won't get onto my postgrad course, but between Tumblr, Pinterest and Candy Crush, I manage to avoid work completely. So, while I was watching Jimmy Fallon on Youtube (I love that guy!!), I had a thought. What if I could use my Youtube addiction to actually motivate me into doing work?! And that's how I found ET the Hip Hop Preacher.

A brief history of Eric Thomas: he was a high school drop out, his Mum kicked him out & he was homeless for a while. Then he decided he was going to get a college degree, against all odds. He now has a Masters degree and is currently studying for his PhD.

This is my absolute favourite quote of his (and he has some amazing ones). It's so simple but it really hits home.

Be Phenomenal Or Be Forgotten

It covers life, friendships, work, relationships.... It's literally applicable to everything, and that's why it works. 

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