Saturday, 12 April 2014

Ootd 9/4/2014

Hey Lovelies,

Wednesday was Varsity Day where Swansea University & Cardiff University go head to head in a whole load of sports - cos we're Welsh, rugby is the main attraction and WE WON. And even though I didn't actually go (Engineering students don't have time to socialise), I still got into the Green and White Army spirit. Kinda... Mint and black is near enough.

{Credit to OH for the piccies!!}

Mint Loose Vest
RRP:  £3.99
Actually Paid:   £3.99

Grey Skinny Jeans
New Look
RRP:   £19.99
Actually Paid:   £18   (10% student discount)

Black Blazer
Debenhams Kids Section
RRP:   £13.99
Actually Paid:   £0   (From childhood - Mum bought it for me)

Black Studded Flats
New Look
RRP:  £15.99
Actually Paid:  £14.40   (10% student discount)

Total Outfit Cost: £53.96
Actually Paid: £36.39
Saving: 32.6%

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