Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Wishlist Wednesday - Jack Rogers & Not Jack Rogers

Hey Lovelies,

Summer is aaaaalllllmost here, I can feel it!! (When it's not raining... Which isn't much). I can't wait til summer, especially for the shoes. While I totally love my ballet flats, the back of my heels are starting to suffer a little bit, I am SO ready for sandals. Normally during the summer I rock gladiator sandals or flip flops, but I'm thinking about investing in some Jack Rogers Navajos.

{Jack Rogers}

I love love LOVE the Hamptons Navajos in Silver, I reckon they would go with absolutely everything in my wardrobe, plus if I need to they can be dressed up (Hello graduation shoes!!) or dressed down for every day wearings. However, these are preeeeetty darn expensive so I went hunting and I found these:

{Shoe Show}

Introducing the Hot Cakes Sunset Sandal!! Not bad, eh? And for under a quarter of the price of Jacks, you can't go far wrong!! Unfortunately they don't ship to the UK, but because I'm just that nice, I thought I'd share the secret with you guys :)

What do you think?? Would you wear Hot Cakes??

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