Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Wishlist Wednesday - Jack Rogers & Not Jack Rogers

Hey Lovelies,

Summer is aaaaalllllmost here, I can feel it!! (When it's not raining... Which isn't much). I can't wait til summer, especially for the shoes. While I totally love my ballet flats, the back of my heels are starting to suffer a little bit, I am SO ready for sandals. Normally during the summer I rock gladiator sandals or flip flops, but I'm thinking about investing in some Jack Rogers Navajos.

{Jack Rogers}

I love love LOVE the Hamptons Navajos in Silver, I reckon they would go with absolutely everything in my wardrobe, plus if I need to they can be dressed up (Hello graduation shoes!!) or dressed down for every day wearings. However, these are preeeeetty darn expensive so I went hunting and I found these:

{Shoe Show}

Introducing the Hot Cakes Sunset Sandal!! Not bad, eh? And for under a quarter of the price of Jacks, you can't go far wrong!! Unfortunately they don't ship to the UK, but because I'm just that nice, I thought I'd share the secret with you guys :)

What do you think?? Would you wear Hot Cakes??

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter Ootd

Hey Lovelies,

Happy Easter!! Today we went over to my grandparents' house for Easter lunch, so I decided on something dressy but not over the top. As usual polka dots were involved...

White Skinny Jeans
RRP:   £19.99
Actually Paid:   £19.99

Mint Loose Vest
RRP:    £3.99
Actually Paid:   £3.99

Black & White Spotty Blazer
RRP:   £14.99
Actually Paid:     £14.99

Black & Cream Court Shoes
New Look
RRP:   £30
Actually Paid:    £15.00     (End of season sale)

Gold Bracelets
New Look
RRP:   £7
Actually Paid:   £0    (Birthday present)

Princess Necklace
RRP:   £12
Actually Paid:   £12

Total Outfit Cost: £87.97
Actually Paid: £65.97
Savings: 25%

P.S. How amazing are my Granny's tulips?!

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Ootd - Spots and stripes

Hey Lovelies,

Today I'm experimenting with pattern mixing!! I know there's a huge debate about whether you can wear more than one pattern, but I think something as plain as spots and stripes is good, right??

Black Skinny Jeans
RRP: £19.99
Actually Paid: £19.99

White & Black Spot T-shirt
RRP: £4
Actually Paid: £2.50 (2 for £5)

White & Black Stripe Cardigan
RRP:   £6
Actually Paid:   £6

Black Studded Flats
New Look
RRP: £15.99
Actually Paid: £14.40 (10% student discount)

Total Outfit Cost: £45.98
Actually Paid: £42.89
Saving: 6.8%
  Proper bargain!!!

Friday, 18 April 2014

Friday Favourites: Strawberries and Cream Frappucino Recipe

Hey Lovelies,

I absolutely LOVE Starbucks Frappucinos but for someone on a budget, at almost £4 a pop for the big ones they're incredibly expensive to have regularly!! I found this recipe online, tried it, altered it slightly, and I just had to share it with you guys

To make it into a Chocolate Cream or Caramel Cream Frappucino just switch the strawberry sauce with chocolate or caramel sauce and remove the strawberries :)


- 2 cups milk
- 2 cups vanilla ice cream
- 1/4 cup strawberry sauce
- 4 strawberries
- 2-3 ice cubes
- Whipped cream


- Wash the strawberries, remove the stem & chop them into quarters
- Put the milk, ice cream, strawberries, ice cubes and strawberry sauce into a blender
- Blend until smooth
- Add whipped cream on top

Enjoy!! :)

Thursday, 17 April 2014

OOTN 16/4/14

Hey Lovelies,

Since I'm back home for a couple of weeks over Easter, Mum decided that a family dinner out was in order, which gave me the chance to wear my ADORABLE scallop dress!! I originally saw this on SarahBelle93x's YouTube and fell in love (with her and the dress). I planned to wear it out at university, which is why the piccies are taken in my flat, but for some reason the night out never happened so I had to put the outfit on pause!!
RRP:   £37
Actually Paid:   £18.50   (50% off first order)

Plain Black Tights
RRP: £1
Actually Paid: 90p (More 10% off January Sales!)

Black Suede Slouch Boots
Signature?? I think it's from Brantano
Guesstimate RRP: £25

Guesstimate Actually Paid: £25

Black Patent Envelope Clutch
RRP:   £14.99
Actually Paid:   £9.99   (Sale!!)

Total Outfit Cost: £77.99
Actually Paid: £54.39
Savings: 30.3%

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Wishlist Wednesday: Scallop Shorts

Hey Lovelies,

I just had the worst experience ever. I was casually putting on my hoody only to find that someone was already wearing it, and that someone had 8 legs. TRAUMATISED!!!! And to make matters worse, while I was flinging it across the room, I somehow managed to pull my stomach muscles. Anyways, back to business....

This week's Wishlist Wednesday is inspired by the crazy warm weather we're having: scallop shorts

I just love 'em. They're so adorable, you can dress them up for nights out or you can wear them as an everyday outfit, and they go perfect with the Jacks (or possibly knock off Jacks) that I'm planning to buy. I'm spending this summer 300 miles further south than normal, which means I'll actually be able to wear shorts rather than the usual jeans. Althoooouuugh I've just realised that I have 2 pairs of shorts to my name. So... Shopping!!!

The plan is to buy a pair in all my main wardrobe colours (black, navy, white, coral & mint), but I'm still on the hunt, and I'm still broke. Dayyum.



ASOS and are where I'm focusing my main search, they're about £10-£20 each, but I get student discount on both sites... Woohoo!!

So what's your opinion on scallops? Approve or disapprove?

Monday, 14 April 2014

Ootd 12/4/14

Hey Lovelies,

Saturday was the last evening that I was in Swansea, I'm now home with the family over Easter, so me and OH decided to go on a romantic sunset walk.... Except that I spent the entire time dancing around saying "holy crap it's so cold". Not particularly romantic!!

RRP:   £9.99
Actually Paid:   £7.50    (10% introductory discount)

Cut off shorts
F&F at Tesco
RRP Guesstimate: £12
No idea how much they cost, they're actually an age 13-14 left over from childhood

White Hi-Top Converse (well they were white)
Converse @ Schuh
RRP: £48
Actually Paid: £43.80 (10% student discount)

Total Outfit Cost: £69.99
Actually Paid: £51.30
Savings: 26.8%

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Rainy day ootd 12/4/14

Hey Lovelies,

We're suffering from April showers right now, but I'm actually pretty excited cos I LOVE my wellies!! I I bought these babies with my first ever paycheck 3 and a half years ago, and I'm still excited every day get to wear them :)

Red Plaid Shirt
RRP:   £12
Actually paid:   £10   (On a 2 for £20 offer)

Black Pleather Skater Skirt
RRP: £10
Actually Paid:  £9     (10% off in January Sales)

Barbour International Polarquilt Jacket in Black/Red
Country House Outdoor
RRP:   £149.00
Actually Paid:   £0   (21st birthday present from the Grandparents)

Red Hunter Tall Wellies
Country House Outdoor
RRP:   £85.00
Actually Paid:   £85.00

Plain Black Tights
RRP: £1
Actually Paid: 90p    (More 10% off January Sales!)

Black, White & Gold Bib Necklace
RRP:  ??
Actually Paid:   £5.99

Total Outfit Cost: £262.99        Ouch.
Actually Paid: £110.89
Savings: 57.9%

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Ootd 9/4/2014

Hey Lovelies,

Wednesday was Varsity Day where Swansea University & Cardiff University go head to head in a whole load of sports - cos we're Welsh, rugby is the main attraction and WE WON. And even though I didn't actually go (Engineering students don't have time to socialise), I still got into the Green and White Army spirit. Kinda... Mint and black is near enough.

{Credit to OH for the piccies!!}

Mint Loose Vest
RRP:  £3.99
Actually Paid:   £3.99

Grey Skinny Jeans
New Look
RRP:   £19.99
Actually Paid:   £18   (10% student discount)

Black Blazer
Debenhams Kids Section
RRP:   £13.99
Actually Paid:   £0   (From childhood - Mum bought it for me)

Black Studded Flats
New Look
RRP:  £15.99
Actually Paid:  £14.40   (10% student discount)

Total Outfit Cost: £53.96
Actually Paid: £36.39
Saving: 32.6%

Friday, 11 April 2014

Friday Favourite - Polka Dots

Hey Lovelies,

So I guess you all saw this coming.... I am OBSESSED with polka dots right now. I always like to add a pattern into my outfit just to spice it up a little (even if it is just leopard flats). And while I love stripes, I always find that polka dots are a little more cute and girly.

{The Pleated Poppy}
{Late Afternoon}

I just love how they can be dressed up or dressed down, they're appropriate for everything. My favourite pieces at the moment are my polka dot blazer, which I wore for a "casual interview" yesterday, and got compliments on it from the interviewers (who were both guys!!). 

This spotted jumper, which is actually more grey than white, just arrived yesterday + I'll be wearing for the next week straight. Just kidding... Kinda. 

Aaaaaand my final piece is one I'm massively crushing on - this polka dot skater dress. I love polka dots, I love skater dresses cos they flatter my ghetto booty, and I'm loving the higher neckline - I'm a big believer in legs or chest rule. It's absolutely on my wishlist!!

What's your opinion on polka dots?? Love em or hate em??

Laura Lou x

Monday, 7 April 2014

Guide to Longchamps

Hey Lovelies,

Today's post is about a MAJOR staple in the Preppy Wardrobe: The Longchamp. If you're on a budget then I would say either save up (these are worth it, they last for years and they never go out of style) or try and persuade parents/grandparents/spouses to give it as a gift. If needs be then spread it across birthday & Christmas or get both sets of grandparents to give it as a joint present.

So, just a bit of info to start off with for the newly converted Prep... What everyone is talking about when they say Longchamp is the Longchamp Le Pliage range. Longchamp does more expensive leather bags, but the Le Pliage range is kind of it's "budget" range, but it's also by far it's best known and most popular range.

The actual bags themselves are made of Nylon and come in quite a few different "basic" colours. The handles and top flap are made of brown leather, which is how you can tell from afar that a bag is a Longchamp.

Longchamps come in 3 main styles, for some strange reason they're named differently in the US & UK. The UK names are in brackets:

- Large tote      (Large Shopper)     $145 / £72

- Medium Shoulder Tote     (Small Shopper)      $125 / £62

- Medium tote    (Medium Handbag)     $115 / £58

Personally, I prefer the small shopper. I think the large shopper is a bit too big as an everyday handbag, unless you carry around a laptop all the time; and I think the handles on the medium handbag are a bit small - I like to be able to put my bag on my shoulders.

Obviously this is all down to personal preference and requirements, so you really should go and have a look at the bags before you get one. 

On the same note - go to a respected, genuine store to buy them. There are a hell of a lot of fakes knocking around, some of them really convincing, and you don't want to get caught out (see this eBay guide on fakes). In the UK Selfridges, Harrods & some House of Fraser stock them. In the US Nordstrom, Saks 5th Ave & Bloomingdales stock them, and obviously there's the Longchamp Website - there's a more comprehensive list of stockists on there too.

Another piece of advice to sign off with: eBay is full of "Longchamp base shapers". I wouldn't really bother with these, the bag keeps its shape anyways, they look really uncomfortable and it's just another expense to add to an already fairly expensive bag.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Friday Favourite - ET the Hip Hop Preacher

Hey Lovelies,

This week's Friday favourite stems from my motivation issues. I know that I totally need to study otherwise I won't get onto my postgrad course, but between Tumblr, Pinterest and Candy Crush, I manage to avoid work completely. So, while I was watching Jimmy Fallon on Youtube (I love that guy!!), I had a thought. What if I could use my Youtube addiction to actually motivate me into doing work?! And that's how I found ET the Hip Hop Preacher.

A brief history of Eric Thomas: he was a high school drop out, his Mum kicked him out & he was homeless for a while. Then he decided he was going to get a college degree, against all odds. He now has a Masters degree and is currently studying for his PhD.

This is my absolute favourite quote of his (and he has some amazing ones). It's so simple but it really hits home.

Be Phenomenal Or Be Forgotten

It covers life, friendships, work, relationships.... It's literally applicable to everything, and that's why it works. 

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Ootn 3/4/14

Hey Lovelies,

Tonight the Swansea University Morphing Wings Research Group (catchy name, right??) hits the town!! Me and OH went shopping beforehand for him, and we found this blazer in H&M, however as I'm low on funds I ignored it and moved on... And then an hour later dragged him back to get it. I'm absolutely IN LOVE with it!!

Mint Skinny Jeans
New Look
RRP:   £19.99
Actually Paid:   £18   (10% student discount)

White Vest/Tank Top
RRP:   £3.99
Actually Paid:   £3.99

Black & White Spotty Blazer
RRP:   £14.99
Actually Paid:   £14.99

Black & Cream Court Shoes
New Look
RRP:   £30
Actually Paid:  £15.00   (End of season sale)

Cream and Black Clutch 
New Look
RRP:   £12.99
Actually Paid:   £11.69   (10% student discount)

Total Outfit Cost:   £81.96
Actually Paid:   £53.28
Savings:   35%

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Ootd 2/4/14 - Keeping up with Kim Kardashian

Hey Lovelies,

Today's outfit is inspired by Kim Kardashian (le gasp!!). While she's had her fair share of fashion misses, for a casual day, this outfit is a total hit.

Grey Vest/Tank Top
RRP:   £3.99
Actually paid:   £2.50     On a 2 for £5 offer

Grey Skinny Jeans
New Look
RRP:   £19.99
Actually Paid:   £18   (10% student discount)

Black Cropped Leather Jacket
Jane Norman
Guesstimate RRP:   £25
Actually Paid:   £0   (16th birthday present)

New Look
RRP:   £12.99
Actually Paid:   £3.50   (Student discount & gift card)

Total Outfit Cost: £61.97
Actually Paid: £24
Saving: 61.3%

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

One Piece, Three Prices - White/Black Stripe Long Sleeve Top

Hey Lovelies,

I've decided to do a new feature every Tuesday, which shows one piece that I consider to be a wardrobe essential, usually a preppy essential, for three different price ranges (the name makes sense, right?)

The plan is to follow the rough outline of:

Budget - Under $20
High Street - Around $50
High End - Over $100

So.... To begin with here's today's One Piece, Three Prices: The classic long sleeved white striped t-shirt!!

Happy Shopping!!