Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Wishlist Wednesday: Scallop Shorts

Hey Lovelies,

I just had the worst experience ever. I was casually putting on my hoody only to find that someone was already wearing it, and that someone had 8 legs. TRAUMATISED!!!! And to make matters worse, while I was flinging it across the room, I somehow managed to pull my stomach muscles. Anyways, back to business....

This week's Wishlist Wednesday is inspired by the crazy warm weather we're having: scallop shorts

I just love 'em. They're so adorable, you can dress them up for nights out or you can wear them as an everyday outfit, and they go perfect with the Jacks (or possibly knock off Jacks) that I'm planning to buy. I'm spending this summer 300 miles further south than normal, which means I'll actually be able to wear shorts rather than the usual jeans. Althoooouuugh I've just realised that I have 2 pairs of shorts to my name. So... Shopping!!!

The plan is to buy a pair in all my main wardrobe colours (black, navy, white, coral & mint), but I'm still on the hunt, and I'm still broke. Dayyum.



ASOS and are where I'm focusing my main search, they're about £10-£20 each, but I get student discount on both sites... Woohoo!!

So what's your opinion on scallops? Approve or disapprove?

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